PVOutput Widget

The PVOutput widget displays the energy, power and other statistics of your PV installation.

To use this application, your PV installation must export data to http://pvoutput.org.

Screen shots:

Setup PVOutput widget

Add widget to Home screen – go to Home screen and tap „Edit” button:

Find PVOuput Widget on the widget’s list and tap green „+”:

Next tap „Done” button:

Now PVOutput Widget should appear on Home screen:

Time to configure data source. Tap on widget, PVOutput configuration screen will appear. Next select „Data source” :

One by one, enter API Key and System ID:

How to obtain API Key and System ID ?. Please use web browser, go to pvoutput.org and login. API Key and System ID are available from your account settings page:

After settings parameters, please make connection test – tap ‚Check connection’ switch:

Now, PVWidget is ready to work 🙂

Enjoy 🙂