PVOutput Widget

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The PVOutput widget displays the energy, power and other statistics of your PV installation.

For the application to work, it is necessary to have an account at PVOutput.org. Your PV system also needs to export power production data to pvoutout.org.The application needs API Key and System Id – this data can be found in your account on pvoutput.org

Screen shots:

Setup PVOutput widget

Add widget to Home screen – go to Home screen and tap “Edit” button:

Find PVOuput Widget on the widget’s list and tap green “+”:

Next tap “Done” button:

Now PVOutput Widget should appear on Home screen:

Time to configure data source. Tap on widget, PVOutput configuration screen will appear. Next select “Data source” :

One by one, enter API Key and System ID:

How to obtain API Key and System ID ?. Please use web browser, go to pvoutput.org and login. API Key and System ID are available from your account settings page:

After settings parameters, please make connection test – tap ‘Check connection’ switch:

Now, PVWidget is ready to work 🙂

Enjoy 🙂